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Basic Japanese Vocabulary #6 : day&time -日(ひ)・時(とき)-

Written by Kaori sensei

Note:Kanji will helpt you to understand the meaning

For beginners from non-Kanji speaking countries, Kanji can be hard and can be a barrier. However, you can guess its meaning by learning Kanji! This also helps with reading comprehension.


Here is a useful infographic Hang the words of the groups you can’t remember in front of your desk or carry them around with you on your cell phone and memorize them in the spare time you have.

Time&Season in Japanese

One of the great things about Japan is that the four seasons are so wonderful and beautiful. I recommend spring and fall in Japan.

Adding the word “vacation” to the name of a season makes it the name of a vacation. However, Japanese schools do not have a vacation in autumn.

English translationJapanese
every dayまいにち
every weekまいしゅう
every monthまいつき
every yearまいとし
every morningまいあさ
every eveningまいばん
Daily words in Japanese
English translationJapanese
Season name in Japanese

The point of the day of the week is also the Kanji. Many Japanese calendars do not have furigana. We recommend changing the settings on your cell phone.

day in Japanese
day in Japanese

Time in Japanese

Please refer to this article for more information about time in Japanese. Of all of them, the reading of minutes is particularly tricky. Practice saying it over and over again.

Flash card video

Practice test video

Recommendation books for JLPT

Here, you can add your training with using these book for JLPT N5.

The Preparatory Course for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N5 Reading

Please check this article too.

Keep learning…!

Lastly, the JLPT vocabulary is about 800 words. So, continuous daily study is key. Check out the others, and keep building your vocabulary!

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