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Days of months in Japanese : Figure out Japanese calendar

Written by Kaori sensei

Do you want to learn months in Japanese and dates and days of the week? This article has a handy PDF and tips to help you learn. We have also prepared a quiz for months in Japanese to help you memorize them. Let’s go!

How to say months in japanese

Months name in Japanese is in a sense simple. This is because commonly we use number(1 ~ 12) plus counters “月(がつ / gatsu)”

Here is the list. You can also download a handy PDF.If you have not yet learned the Japanese numbers 1 to 10, please click here.

Months in Japanese
Months in Japanese

There are three numbers to pay attention to.

  • 4月 しがつ { 〇 shi gatsu ✕ yon gatsu}
  • 7月 しちがつ { 〇 shichi gatu ✕ nana gatsu}
  • 9月 くがつ  { 〇 ku gatsu ✕ kyuu gatsu}

Date in Japanese

Date in Japanese

Dates are a little hard to remember. Some numbers use special counters.

Also, 4日(よっか/ yokka ) and 8th( ようか / youka) are very similar in pronunciation, so they are frequently asked on the JLPT.

Days of the Week in Japanese

Here, Japanese days of the week are not that difficult.

Day in Japanese
Day in Japanese

As you can see, each day ends with the word よう日 (youbi), which means “day of the week”.

However, what we recommend here is to learn Kanji together.This is because most days of the week are written with a single kanji character without using よう日(youbi).

For beginners, I recommend to practice using special notebook for Kanji characters.

Genkouyoushi Notebook: Large Japanese Kanji Practice Notebook

The more you study Japanese numbers, the more interesting they are. If you want to know more about Japanese counters, please see this article.

Free Download for 800 words printable PDF with English translation and example sentences for JLPT N5, beginner.

Practice and TRY!

Please check Linkupnippon vocabulary page about date. You can learn JLPT N5 vocabulary effectively.And check youtube channel! You can practice with flash card video and practice test! Don’t forget to subscribe!

Master Japanese counters

If you want to learn Japanese number more, please check 10 Basic counters for beginners.

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