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Basic Japanese Vocabulary #3-2 : House -家(いえ)-

Written by Kaori sensei

Today, We will study Basic Japanese vocabulary related to “house” that will appear on the JLPT N5. Use infographics, flashcards, and practice tests to study effectively. Get ready!

Note:Associate furniture with the name of the location

Associate the furniture in that room with what you do. For example, in the kitchen, you cook. Also, the Japanese culture of bathing is unique. This should be suppressed along with verbs; the JLPT will test your overall vocabulary skills. Don’t just memorize vocabulary, but learn what verbs are used in what situations.


Vocaburaly about “house” in Japanese
English translationJapanese
bath お風呂(おふろ)
bath roomトイレ , お手洗(てあら)い
window窓 (まど)
book shelf本棚(ほんだな)
garden庭 (にわ)

Frequently used key phrases

English translationJapanese
take a bathお風呂(ふろ) に 入(はい)ります。
take a showerシャワー を 浴(あ)びます
open the doorドア を 開(あ)けます
close the doorドア を 閉(し)めます
open the windown窓(まど)  を 開(あ)けます
close the window窓(まど) を 閉(し)めます
turn on the light電気(でんき) を つけます
turn off the light電気(でんき) を 消(け)します
turn on the TVテレビ を つけます
turn off the TVテレビ を 消(け)します

Let’s learn particles together.

It is effective to memorize the names and verbs of things in the house by actually putting them on post-its or other paper, as you will see them every day.

Frash card video:

You can practice these vocabularies about people in Japanese with flash cards video.See this article for vocabulary about the clothes.

Practice test video:

You can try JLPT practice test about today’s vocabularies! Let’s challenge! See this article for vocabulary about the house too.

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