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Hotel Phrases in Japanese : How to check in?

Written by Kaori sensei

Are you planning a trip to Japan? Then this article will surely be of use to you. Find out how to check in to your hotel in Japanese.
You will learn not only how to check in, but also how to request various services as hotel phrases in Japanese together. Let’s go!

Mini course : Check-in at the hotel

▼You can take mini course for asking the location in Japanese.

“Check in, please.” in Japanese

Put your request in the blank and ask. you can ask someone for the service.

Hotel Phrases in Japanese : How to check in?

“Onegaishimasu” means “Please”. It is very simple! Hotels and restaurant staff often use this when they ask you for something, too.

Hotel Phrases in Japanese : How to check in?

Of course, the checkout process is the same. Then you can use it for other services like room service and water.

Vocabuluary list

JapaneseRomajiEnglish translation
チェックアウトchekku autocheck-out
ルームサービスruumusaabisuroom service
*1: “O” is a polite word. Respect for the other person

Ask to use simple Japanese

In Japanese, we often use polite Japanese in business situations, especially in service situations. This is an expression of respect for the guest.
However, this can be difficult for beginners and complicate communication.
In such cases, use this phrase.
“kantan” means easy.
Now they may speak in Japanese that is easy for you to understand without using honorifics.

Hotel Phrases in Japanese : How to check in?


Frankly speaking, there are few places in Japan where one can speak and communicate fluently in English. So, when someone suddenly speaks to us in English, we get very nervous and cannot do so even if we want to be nice to them.
Therefore, it is easier for us to help you if you start speaking even simple Japanese.

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