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Basic Japanese Vocabulary #7 : place -場所(ばしょ)-

Written by Kaori sensei

Note:Memorize words with images

Today we will learn basic Japanese vocabulary about place. It is effective to remember names of locations and places together with images. Also, memorize a set of particles that are used together.Then, the words “ko, so, ah” change from speech style to speech style, and you should be able to use this one in actual conversation as well as on the JLPT.



北海道(ほっかいどう) は 日本(にほん)  北(きた)  あります。

Hokkaido is located in the north of Japan.

つくえ  した  ねこ が います。

There is a cat under the desk.

In Japanese, “あります” and “います” are used to express existence. For example, “います” is used for living, and “あります” is used for things.

こそあど location

トイレ は どちら ですか。

Where is the restroom?

This is a polite way to say it. The word “どちら” can also mean “which” in English. This is a good way to determine from the context whether you are asking about a location or whether you need to make a choice.

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Keep learning…!

Lastly, the JLPT vocabulary is about 800 words. So, continuous daily study is key. Check out the others, and keep building your vocabulary!

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