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#1 人(ひと) : People

Written by Kaori sensei

On this page you can learn vocabulary related to “people” especially “family name” in Japanese vocabulary for JLPT N5.

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Note: How to call family members in Japanese?

The key point is that the way you refer to your own family and other people’s family members is different in each case in Japanese.

English translationother people’s family My family
fatherお父さん(おとうさん)父 (ちち)
motherお母さん (おかあさん)母 (はは)
older brotherお兄さん (おにいさん)兄 (あに)
younger brother弟さん (おとうとさん)弟 (おとうと)
older sisterお姉さん(おねえさん)姉 (あね)
younger sister妹さん (いもうとさん)妹 (いもうと)
grand fatherおじいさん祖父 (そふ)
grand motherおばあさん祖母 (そぼ)
husbandご主人 (ごしゅじん)夫 (おっと)
wife奥さん (おくさん)妻 (つま)
child / childrenお子さん (おこさん)子ども (こども)
son息子さん (むすこさん)息子 (むすこ)
daughter娘 (むすめ)娘 (むすめ)
Family name in Japanese (1)

Let’s look at these other important words about family.

English translationJapanese
Siblings兄弟 (きょうだい)
Parents両親 (りょうしん)
Family家族 (かぞく)
Friends友達 (ともだち)
an only child一人っ子(ひとりっこ)
man男 (おとこ)
woman女 (おんな)
boy男の子 (おとこのこ)
girl女の子 (おんなのこ)
Family name in Japanese (2)

JLPT vocabulary questions often ask you to choose the same meaning. For example, if the word is “father’s brother,” it is “uncle.So, keep your family tree in mind and learn the vocabulary.


この(ひと)は (わたし)のおじです。

= この(ひと)は (ちち)(おとうと)です。

(This person is my uncle = This person is my father’s brother)


  この(ひと)は おばの()どもです。

= この(ひと)は (わたし)のいとこです。

(This person is my aunt’s child. = This person is my cousin)

Inforgraphic: Family tree in Japanese

Imagery is also important when learning a language. Download it and stick it where you’ll see it every day!

Family name – refer to my family
Family name- refer to other’s family

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