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How to say “Where?” in Japanese

"where?" in Japanese
Written by Kaori sensei

If you are planning a trip to Japan, here is the phrases to learn first,”Where?” in Japanese. Huh, you say there’s no problem because there’s Googlemap? Well, I wonder if Googlemap can guide you to the airport, train station, or even inside a building. Let’s practice these basic phrases and ask the Japanese!

Mini course : Ask for the location

▼You can take mini course for asking the location in Japanese.

“Where?” in Japanese

Put your place of destination in the blank and ask. you can ask someone for the location.

"Where?" in Japanese

“Doko” means where. Since the word order is different between Japanese and English, first say the place you want to ask about, and then say “Dokodesuka” ( “where?” in Japanese)”

Let’s practice more in other places too!

"Where?" in Japanese

Vocabuluary list

Below is a vocabulary list.If you practice more about vehicles, please check this article about facilities in Japanese.

JapaneseRomajiEnglish translation
ばすていbasu teibus stop
タクシーのりばtakushii noribaTaxi stand
りょうがえじょryougaejomoney-exchange counter
コンビニkonbiniconvenienve store
Wifi レンタルwaifai rentaruWi-fi rental

How do I respond in Japanese?

Frankly speaking, not many people in Japan speak English as naturally as they should. Therefore, if you ask them, they will tell you with gestures and poor English.
What I often hear from my students is that there are many Japanese who will go with them to their destination, saying, “Let’s go together (issho ni iki mashou).When they do, thank them!


Arigatou gozai masu
"Where?" in Japanese

We Japanese people want to be kind to travelers who come to Japan to have fun. However, we sometimes feel a little intimidated when they suddenly speak to us in English.
Therefore, if you learn just a few greetings and simple phrases, we will be able to start a conversation with you smoothly. Try to use it!

Next is… “Destination in Japanese”, you can ask if your destination is right with your ride.

Travel tips

When traveling to Japan, there is of course the time difference.
To avoid jet lag from ruining your trip, this is useful:)

If you are traveling in Japan, the JR Pass is very convenient. Check it out here and make your plans.

Enjoy your trip.

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