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Basic Japanese Vocabulary #5 : Date -日付(ひづけ)-

Written by Kaori sensei

Today, We will study Basic Japanese vocabulary related to “tool” that will appear on the JLPT N5. Use infographics, flashcards, and practice tests to study effectively. Get ready!

Note:Set your calendar to Japanese from today!

Numbers, calendar words are always on the N5 test. But it is also true that they are not usually used very often. So, starting today, change your calendar settings to Japanese first, so that you will see them every day. You can also buy a Japanese calendar and hang it in your room. There is still time for you to take the test! Put it into practice right away!


calendar in Japanese
calendar in Japanese
English translationJapanese
day before yesterdayおととい
day after tomorrowあさって
this weekこんしゅう
last weekせんしゅう
next weekらいしゅう
this monthこんげつ
last monthせんげつ
next monthらいげつ
this yearことし
last yearきょねん
next yearらいねん
Day in Japanese

Days of months in Japanese

For more information on calendar vocabulary, please see this article.

Frash card video:

You can practice these vocabularies about people in Japanese with flash cards video.

Practice test video:

You can try JLPT practice test about today’s vocabularies! Let’s challenge!

Recommendation books for JLPT

You can add your training with using these book for JLPT N5.

You can add your training with using these book for JLPT N5.

The Preparatory Course for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N5 Reading

You can also check this article too.

Keep learning….!

The JLPT vocabulary is about 800 words. Continuous daily study is important. Check out the others, and keep building your vocabulary!

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