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Destination in Japanese: Is your destination right?

Written by Kaori sensei

When traveling in Japan, a lot of people will use the public transportation services. That is one way to enjoy a trip to Japan. You can easily go anywhere by train or bus! But even so, many tourists are annoyed by the complexity of Tokyo and Osaka’s subways and trains.Today, let’s learn how to ask for destination in Japanese.

Mini course :Check the destination of your ride

▼You can take mini course for asking destination in Japanese.

Ask the destination in Japanese

Put your vehicle in the blank and ask. you can ask someone if your vehicle goes to your destination.

destination in Japanese

Ask if the vehicle will stop

Put your place of destination in the blank and ask. you can ask someone if your vehicle will stop at your destination.

destination in Japanese

Vocabuluary list

Below is a vocabulary list.If you practice more about vehicles, please check this article about vehicles in Japanese.

JapaneseRomajiEnglish translation
えき ekistation

Anwer for your question about destination in Japanese

”はい(hai)” means “Yes”, “いいえ(iie)” means “No”.

destination in Japanese

Then, if No, as Japanese people often behave,
“Let’s go together”. – いっしょに いきましょう
This is because they think it is faster to go with you than to explain. (We are not good at English…).
Then, without hesitation, Let’s say, “ありがとう(Arigatou)-Thank you!” and ask for help.

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Enjoy your trip.

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