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Japanese Hiragana chart and audio

Written by Kaori sensei

On this page you can download Japanese hiragana chart and audio. If you would like to learn hiragana in more detail, I recommend this “Free/Hiragana Independent Study Course“.
Also, if you would like to practice hiragana writing, you can download a free workbook, so please take advantage of this.

Here you will also find different types of Hiragana chart PDF to suit your level of study. Download the style you like and use it for your study.

Basic 46 Hiragana letter -Gojuon-

First of all, if you are just starting out, this chart is perfect for you. I listed the basic 46 syllables(Gojuon) with romaji in an easy-to-understand format. Stick it in your notebook so that you can study it anytime.

Hiragana chart gojuon

Audio for Basic 46 Hiragana letter -Gojuon-

Voiced sound(Dakuon) &Contracted sound (Youon)

Here is a chart of the voiced sound with ゛゜(Dakuon) and contracted sound with small やゆよ. There are no new letter from the table in the Vol. 1. Symbols and combination sounds are listed.

Hiragana chart dakuon youon

Audio for Voiced sound(Dakuon)

Audio for Contracted sound (Youon)

All in one:Hiragana chart Poster

A3 size poster with a list of hiragana chart. This one should be posted on the wall of your room so that you can study it anytime.

Hiragana chart PDF

Hiragana chart for experienced learners

If you have already learned hiragana and know how to read and work with the tables, we recommend this handy minimal design.

Hiragana chart minimal design

Hiragana workbook for Free

After all, you can’t learn just by looking! You have to write, read, listen, and use everything you have to learn! Now you can download the workbook for free. Register as a free member of Linkup Nippon to download.

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