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Basic Japanese Vocabulary #4-1 : Vehicle -乗り物(のりもの)-

Written by Kaori sensei

Today, We will study Basic Japanese vocabulary related to “vehicle” that will appear on the JLPT N5. Use infographics, flashcards, and practice tests to study effectively. Get ready!

Note:To learn verbs and particles together with vehicles

And of course, learn the names of the vehicles–you’ll need them not only for the JLPT, but also when you’re traveling around Japan! Then, learn a set of verbs and particles that you will use together.


Basic Japanese vocabulary about vehicle
vehicle in Japanese
English translationJapanese
bike バイク
by walk歩いて(あるいて)
vehicle in Japanese

Key phrases for vehicles

Learn important phrases for using vehicles together.

1.[ Vehicle ]  のります : get on [ Vehicle]

”のります” can be used for “getting on” all vehicles. Also, “のっています” indicates that you are in the vehicle. The particle “を” is used for the arrival point.

今から でんしゃ に のります。

I will get on the train from now.

2. [ Vehicle ]  おります : get off [ Vehicle]

”おります” can be used for “getting off” all vehicles. The particle “を” is used for the subject to leave.Also, use “で” for the location of the action.

新宿駅(しんじゅくえき) で でんしゃ を おります。

I will get off the train at Sinjuku Station.

3. [ Vehicle ]  いきます : go by [ Vehicle]

Use “で” when talking about transportation.This “で” is the particle used for tools and methods.

バス で 学校(がっこう) へ いきます。

I will go to the school by bus.

Frash card video:

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Practice test video:

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Free Download for 800 words printable PDF with English translation and example sentences for JLPT N5, beginner.

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