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Japanese Self-introduction for kids

Written by Kaori sensei

If your child is studying Japanese, practice some simple self-introductions before they learn hiragana and katakana!
All are presented in romaji and with audio.
Come along, fathers and mothers, and practice with your kids!


Here is a useful poster. Put up posters, practice every day! 

Download Girl ver PDF

Download Boy ver PDF


Boku wa Ken desu. (Boy)

ぼく は けん です。

Watashi wa Naomi desu. (Girl)

わたし は なおみ です。
  • Watashi,Boku : I

Girls refer to themselves as “Watashi” and boys as “Boku”. Japanese boys also use “Ore”. But when you speak in front of others, you should use “Boku”. 


Boku wa 7(nana) sai desu.

ぼく は 7さい です。

Watashi wa 4(yon) sai desu.

わたし は 4さい です。
  • ~sai : ~ years old

For more information about numbers in Japanese, please click here. First, let’s practice so that your child can tell his/her own age.

y/oJapanese (Romaji)
2Ni sai
3San sai
4Yon sai
5Go sai
6Roku sai
7Nana sai
9Kyuu sai

Favorite things

kuruma ga suki desu.

くるま が すき です。

Ningyou ga suki desu.

にんぎょう が すき です。
  • [Noun] + ga sukidesu : I like [Noun]
  • Kuruma : cars
  • Ningyou : dolls

Children love to talk about what they like. Let’s introduce them to some of their favorite things in Japanese too! Here is a chart of what children often like.

Recomended Japanese flash card

You can practice this expression using Flash cards.Learning not only the words but also the pictures is also helpful for learning.The table below is an example.

play houseomamagoto
stuffed toynuigurumi


Boku wa toukyou e ikitai desu.

ぼく は とうきょう へ いきたい です。

Watashi wa dizuniirando e ikitai desu.

わたし は ディズニーランド へ いきたい です。
  • [Place name] e ikitai desu : I want to go to [place name]

Let’’s introduce where your child would like to go. For example, ask them where in Japan they want to go! One day we’ll take a family vacation in Japan!

EnglishJapanese (Romaji)
want to eat sushisushi o tabe tai desu
want to go to Pokemon shoppokemon shoppu e ikitai desu
want to play asobi tai desu
want to meet Mickymikkii ni ai tai desu

I wrote about the child’s self-introduction. Please practice it over and over again, and praise them a lot when they say it well.

Recomended video

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