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What are the Japanese alphabets?: Let’s see Hiragana origin

Japanese alphabets
Written by Kaori sensei

In English, there are letters called alphabets. The Japanese language also has letters that are equivalent to the English alphabet. There are two types of Japanese alphabets, called hiragana, katakana respectively. Hiragana and Katakana function as phonetic characters. We use three types of writing to express the Japanese language. In adittione to Hiragana, Katakata, We use Kanji which expresses the meaning.Today, let’s talk about the Japanese alphabet, the origin and usage of Japanese letters.

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Japanese alphabets origin

Japanese is one of the languages used only in Japan, and the origins of the language are still unknown. And there was no writing system in Japan until the 4th~5th century.Then, Kanji was first introduced from China.

Later, we began to use the form and sound of those Kanji to write the Japanese language. Today, Kanji expressed meaning, but it was applied irrespective of its meaning at that time.

Japanese alphabet origin

Afterwards, we broke down Kanji and created Hiragana. We also took some of those Kanji and made Katakana.

Japanese alphabets origin chart

Let me show you an unusual chart. If you have been learning hiragana, this may look familiar to you. However, the original Kanji are listed.

I have a lot of respect for the old Japanese when I look at this chart. This is because I feel proud that Japan was a country that developed its own unique culture even while welcoming foreign cultures such a long time ago. And I will be happy if you find the fun of learning Japanese in places like this as well.

Japanese alphabets

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