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Master the Japanese particles: Ultimate function guide

Written by Kaori sensei

You have been studying Japanese for a few months …と(to)? が(ga)? or は(wa) ? で(de) or に(ni)? I don’t know! Have you come to this page thinking that way?

In this article, I’ve prepared a list with the role of each Japanese particle, the noun it is used with, and an example sentence. It’s a permanent edition!

It’s dangerous to learn the meaning of the particle by itself!?

As you can see from the list below, there are several roles for a single particle. In this article, I have included 10 particles and their respective roles for beginners. However, there are more than 50 particles in Japanese in total. It is impossible to memorize all of them. So, how should we study them? That is, learn to memorize them together with verbs, or learn to memorize them in phrases. I want you to use this table to help your understanding the meaning.

10 Essential Japanese particles

I picked up 10 particles for beginners, save them in a PDF so you can look at them anytime you’re lost. The JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) often has questions on particles.

Japanese particles

You can download PDF.

Must item for Japanese grammar

I say again and again, train yourself to learn by phrase! And here are some useful books to help you get a deeper understanding of the meaning and usage.This grammar dictionary is for you. Some 200 key grammar items, along with analysis of sentence patterns, abundant example sentences, and easy-to-understand explanations in English. I am a Japanese language teacher and I have one too.

A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar 日本語基本文法辞典

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