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Basic Japanese Vocabulary #4-2 : Tool -道具(どうぐ)-

Written by Kaori sensei

Today, We will study Basic Japanese vocabulary related to “tool” that will appear on the JLPT N5. Use infographics, flashcards, and practice tests to study effectively. Get ready!

Note:To learn verbs and particles together with tool

Tools are what you use. And each one has a different use. Let’s learn verbs and particles together. Also, let’s relate and remember where it can be bought, where it can be found, and when it is used.


tool in Japanese

English translationJapanesefrequently-used verbs
guitarギターギター を ひきます
play the guitar
pianoピアノピアノ を ひきます
play the piano
flower vase花瓶(かびん)花瓶(かびん) に 花(はな) を いれます
put in flowers in the flower vase
watch時計(とけい)時計(とけい) を 見(み)ます
watch the clock
radioラジオラジオ を 聞(き)きます
listen to the radio
air conditionerエアコンエアコン を つけます
turn on the air conditioner

エアコン を 消(け)します
turn off the air conditioner
computerパソコンパソコン で しらべます
check on the computer
冷蔵庫 に 入(い)れます
put in the refrigerator

冷蔵庫 から 出(だ)します
take out from the refrigerator
mobile phone携帯電話
携帯電話 を 見(み)ます
I look at the cell phone
Internetインターネットインターネット を します
I’m on the Internet.
tool in Japanese
tool in Japanese

English translationJapanese
tool in Japanese

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