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スケジュールについて話す 弐ノ巻 : Talk about your schedule vol.2

Written by Kaori sensei

Week 2 Action Goal:

You can talk about time in Japanese, ask office hour and day off.

You can ask someone’s schedule and birthday.


Let’s understand phrases used by phone when you call the office.


Download the csv file from here, and use the Anki app to continue learning!


Please check about “Days of months in Japanese”, click here.


Here’s a worksheet for the lesson; try to save document and prepare it in advance.

Model conversation

This is a model conversation. Listen to it over and over again, talk about it… arrange it in your own way!

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This vocabulary book is good to review sessons about words for beginners. Let’s work on vocabulary everyday.

1000 Essential Vocabulary for the JLPT N5

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If you want to know about Japanese particle, please check this article.

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