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Learn Katakana :

I heard this question many times.”I’ve already studied hiragana, but do I really need to learn katakana? “ Yes, you need it ! More than 80% of students are not good at learning katakana, or rather, they skip it...


Table of Katakana

You can download table of Katakana. If you want to know how to learn, read this article ,”Learn Katakana”. ▶Download Katakana gojuon PDF ▶Download Katakana dakuon PDF ▶Download youon PDF

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What is JLPT?

If you are studying Japanese, have you ever heard of “JLPT”? “JLPT” is an abbreviation for “Japanese-language proficiency test” and it will be held worldwide to evaluate and certify proficiency in Japanese of non-native...