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How to call family in Japanese for kids

Written by Kaori sensei

I told you about speaking about daily life in Japanese. The next step is to talk about people close to you. Family is the closest thing to a child. Let’s get ready to introduce your family!

Relative Name

You can download PDF.

This is what the family is called for children in general.
For adults, it is also different. In adittion, the name also differs depending on whether it is your family or another family member.
Please refer to the table below.

Let’s introduce your family member

Kazoku wa otōsan to okāsan to imōto to inu desu.

かぞく は おとうさん と おかあさん と いもうと と いぬ です。
  • Kazoku : family
  • [Noun] to [Noun] : [Noun] and [Noun]

imōto no namae wa Kana desu. 5(go)sai desu.

いもうと の なまえ は かな です。 5さい です。
  • Namae : name

Let’s count your family member

Once you can introduce each person, you should be able to say how many siblings or cousins you have and how many pets you have.

You can download PDF.

People are based on “nin” and animals (Not all, except birds, rabbits, and large animals) are based on “hiki”. However, the sound changes depending on the number of connections. These are the こcounter that cause headaches for learners of Japanese.

If you haven’t learned numbers yet, read this article here, and learn Japanese numbers!

Recommend video

For children, it is good to learn by singing.

Recommend books

If you have a picture book, a very good way to practice is to ask about the characters and animals in the book. What are there?(nani ga imasuka)” How many are there?(nan nin imasuka)” and practice answering the questions.

Japanese Children’s favorite stories

This colorfully illustrated multicultural children’s book presents Japanese fairy tales and other folk stories–providing insight into a vibrant literary culture.

I live in Tokyo

You can introduce Japanese  a year’s worth of fun, food and festivities in Mimiko’s life.Adults can also enjoy it with their children.

How to introduce my family member and number?

Here is today’s summary. Let’s introduce your families, siblings, and pets, along with their numbers.

kyoudai ga imasuka?

きょうだい が いますか?( Do you have siblings?)

Onēchan ga hitori imasu.

おねえちゃん が ひとり います。( I have one older sister )

Otōto ga hitori imasu.

おねえちゃん が ひとり います。( I have one older sister )
  • [animal / human] ga imasu : I have [animal / human]

Neko ga nihiki imasu

ねこ が にひき います。( I have 2 cats )

For children, it is very fun to be able to talk about their families in Japanese. Children are also very good at learning the names of animals and numbers. So, learn lots of new things with this topic!

Let’s practice

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