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We can help you with all your Japan travel needs.

Restaurant Reservation

Hotel Booking

Car rental

Transportation Guide

Best travel arrangements, listings, and reports

Pre-Trip Conversation Training


Of course. We can suggest several restaurants after hearing your detailed requests about where you want to stay, what you want to eat, and any allergies you may have.
Because we live in Japan, we can recommend quality restaurants that only locals know about. We can also provide consistent service up to and including reservations.

Please give me the following information. This will save you time. Thank you.
・Name of restaurant or hotel
・Website or Google map link
・Reservation date and time (1st~3rd choice)
・Number of people
・Name of representative
・Other requests

We start our work after receiving as detailed a request as possible. If we are not able to obtain the results you are looking for (e.g., full bookings), we will charge you for the time we spend on the job. However, we will propose other alternatives within the working time.

Payment by proxy is not accepted. The payment itself must be made by yourself. I will investigate and suggest possible payment methods.

Yes. We have professional Japanese language teachers here.
We can provide survival Japanese lessons for travelers.

Please contact us first. If there is a cancellation fee, you must pay it yourself.


We can help you build your business in Japan. We provide business support that applies not only to the language but also to the culture.

General Translation

Contacts and inquiries to business partners

Bank Account Setup/Credit Card Application

Attend meetings as an interpreter

Administrative Support in Japan

Support for research and development of the Japanese market


Yes, we can use our Japanese platform to build the sales list you seek.

Yes, we can research and assist you with the necessary documents, etc. However, the final legal support is the job of a professional law firm.

We are happy to support you in the long term. Please contact us to discuss your business and the hours required.

Yes. Proofreading is also available. Please send us the original document and Japanese document. We will estimate the time required.

Yes, we can provide Japanese business training. Please share with us in advance your current level of Japanese and the situations in which you need help. We will provide customized training.

If you need to make a business-related payment, it is basically an advance payment. The customer is responsible for any handling fees. We can also assist you in making international payments.


Are you having difficulty in living in Japan? We will support you to live comfortably.

re-location support

Application for electricity, water, gas, mobile, internet, etc.

Clinic and salon appointments

Communication support with your children's school

Assistance with government procedures

General living problems (local rules, noise, garbage)


Yes, we can. However, support is provided online via video call.
We can go in person, but in that case you will have to pay all travel costs, travel time, and work time. Please contact us to discuss this.

Yes. We can translate everything, or we can give you only the important points.

It is possible to research information and laws regarding visa status published by the Japanese government. However, it is not possible to apply for your visa. It is possible to assist in the research of the right administrative official.

No, we cannot. Under any circumstances, I cannot be your guarantor. Our business is to contact and research on your behalf.

Yes, of course. We would like to support foreigners living in Japan. I can also offer subscriptions. Please feel free to contact us for support requests.

Of course, we can assist you in your research by asking about your conditions. However, since this will be your business, we will provide you with a business plan.


Need immediate assistance? We will contact you and assist you within a minimum of 3 hours.

Trouble during travel

make an urgent phone call

Get the information in a hurry


Please contact us via whatapp at this number +819077198678.
Available time: 6:00am~11:00pm Japan time
We will reply to you within 3 hours.

Payment can be made via paypal. Information will be provided upon first contact.

We want to accommodate your needs as much as possible, but we may not be able to meet your requirements, depending on your requirements.