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Plans & Pricing



2 Hours of Task Work

  • General Reservation(0.5h /case)
  • Research and Report (1h /case)
  • Pre-Trip Conversation Training(60min ×2 lessons)

Delivery time : 3 days



5 Hours of Task Work

Business agency services
-Administration support
-Contact Japanese companies and organizations
– Support for Export-Import
– translation services

Delivery time : 1 week



3 Hours of Task Work

General life support
-Bank account registration
-Mobile Phone Application
-Assistance with social insurance and taxes
※Does not include legal support

Delivery time: 4 days



1 Hour of Task Work

Response within 3 hours
Emergency phone calls
Interpretation support


Delivery time : 1 day

※1 Delivery time varies depending on the task required. We will provide you with a lead time in advance after hearing your requirements in advance.

※2 Basically, the service is available from 6:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m. Japan time. Please contact us first.

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